5 Sleepover Ideas for your next slumber party 

Sleepovers are a big part of being a kid, but can sometimes be a hassle for us parents when the kids get bored and end up pestering you instead!

So we came up with our 5 best ideas to host a fun sleepover, that are easy to plan in advance, and will keep everyone busy and leave them with some great memories!

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1. Smore’s machine:

A fun way to make a treat with the kids, when the weather is not permitting you to do it outside! We love this smore’s making machine where you can display all the ingredients on the outside and roast a smore in the middle! Also would be a super fun way to do for desert at a family dinner.

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2. Inflatable camp fire sing along:

Don’t stop the music! Have a camp fire sing-along indoors!

These inflatable camp fires are super easy to blow up and are also fun to have the kids ‘sleep around the campfire’ in their sleeping bags that night.

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3. Decorating pillow cases:

Get some fabric markers, white pillow cases and have each kid decorate their very own pillow case for them to use at the sleep over. They also make a super fun take home for after the party.

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4. Hot chocolate bar:

Have whipping cream cans ready to go and take some small bowls and fill them with fun toppings for the kids to choose what to put on their hot chocolate. We love mini marshmallows, gummy bears and Oreo crumbles, get creative!

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5. Par-T-Pets Slumber Party Pak:

A super fun activity for kids the night of! Order online and have it shipped to your door!

Each child can adopt and stuff their very own 8” pet then decorate a sleeping bag for it so they can get tucked in together.


What are your favourite sleep over tips? Let us know in the comments down below!

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