5 Kids Valentines Activities and Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s is almost here! We compiled our 5 favourite Valentine’s themed crafts and activity ideas for kids, check them out below!

1. Cinnamon Heart Make Play-Doh

Add red food colouring (or buy red Play-Doh) and cinnamon to Play-Doh to make Valentine’s themed cinnamon heart Play-Doh!

2. Heart rocks

Collect small rocks, about 2 inches, make sure they are smooth or flat sided so it is easy to glue or stick the heart on one side! Cut out red hearts out from construction paper and draw or write messages into the hearts. Mod Podge works great to put the hearts on the rocks and it is  available at most craft stores, it dries shiny and clear! Also could make for a fun, unusual Valentine!

3. Heart monsters

A fun Valentine’s card idea or just an easy kids craft! All you need is:

-Googly eyes

-Pipe cleaner for the ears

-Buttons or gems for noses and a mouth

And let the kids get creative!

Photo: Red Ted Art

4.Mini bird feeder

You will need:

-Pipe cleaners

-Fruit loops


How to?

1.Thread fruit loops onto the pipe cleaner

2.Shape it into a heart

3.Tie on string

Hang outside as a mini Valentine’s bird treat! 

Photo: Pint Sized Treasures

5. Heart Rice Krispie Pops

How to:

-Make rice krispie square mix

-With greased hands mold mix into heart shapes

-Insert sticks into bottom- Popsicle or sucker sticks

-Let set  

-Add icing and sprinkles if desired


Which craft is your favourite?


5 Sleepover Ideas for your next slumber party 

Sleepovers are a big part of being a kid, but can sometimes be a hassle for us parents when the kids get bored and end up pestering you instead!

So we came up with our 5 best ideas to host a fun sleepover, that are easy to plan in advance, and will keep everyone busy and leave them with some great memories!

Find on Amazon here

1. Smore’s machine:

A fun way to make a treat with the kids, when the weather is not permitting you to do it outside! We love this smore’s making machine where you can display all the ingredients on the outside and roast a smore in the middle! Also would be a super fun way to do for desert at a family dinner.

Find on Amazon here

2. Inflatable camp fire sing along:

Don’t stop the music! Have a camp fire sing-along indoors!

These inflatable camp fires are super easy to blow up and are also fun to have the kids ‘sleep around the campfire’ in their sleeping bags that night.

Find on Amazon here

3. Decorating pillow cases:

Get some fabric markers, white pillow cases and have each kid decorate their very own pillow case for them to use at the sleep over. They also make a super fun take home for after the party.

Find on Amazon here

4. Hot chocolate bar:

Have whipping cream cans ready to go and take some small bowls and fill them with fun toppings for the kids to choose what to put on their hot chocolate. We love mini marshmallows, gummy bears and Oreo crumbles, get creative!

Find on Par-T-Pets

5. Par-T-Pets Slumber Party Pak:

A super fun activity for kids the night of! Order online and have it shipped to your door!

Each child can adopt and stuff their very own 8” pet then decorate a sleeping bag for it so they can get tucked in together.


What are your favourite sleep over tips? Let us know in the comments down below!

7 Budget Friendly Kids Craft and Activity Ideas

Real talk!

It’s January and I am pretty sure we’re all looking for a way to stretch a buck! ⠀

Hello holiday season spending credit cards bills, amirite?⠀

So this month we’re giving you some fun, budget friendly, kids craft and party activity ideas that the kids dig and so do our bank accounts! ⠀

1. Paper bag animals

A quick trip to the dollar store will suffice for this one. 

Have your kids get creative and make their own paper bag creatures with paper bags, glue and decorations of your choice! 

We’ve been loving all these cute coloured paper bags that have been popping up, an alternative to the classic brown bag, that make the animals just that much cuter!

2. Popsicle stick creatures

A bag of coloured popsicle sticks, glue and decorations of your choice, such as google eyes and pom poms, make these little popsicle stick creatures a fun and easy craft for kids.

3. Paper plate masks

Paper plate masks are a classic and an easy one to make work for a party theme. 

Have your kids create jungle animal masks for a jungle themed birthday or fish masks for an under the sea party.

These masks are super fun for playtime after the mask is made as well!

All you need:




-Paper plates

-Pencil for tracing paper cut outs for mask

-Popsicle sticks

4. Candy Cane skewer

Sugar rush!

Great as a party activity and substitute for a loot bag, as kids can make and take them home their skewers after the party.

For these candy cane skewers all you need is:



-Cellophane wrap- To wrap  and protect the skewer in after

-Ribbon- To tie the cellophane to the skewer

-Stickers- To decorate the cellophane after it is wrapped on the skewer

TIP: Cut off the sharp ends of the skewer sticks before giving to the kids.

5. The $45 Birthday

A Birthday party in a box!

Shipped to your door, our 5 pet Par-T-Pak includes 8” plush pet skins and everything you need to throw and adopt and stuff your pet party. 

This pak includes:

-5 pets of your choice 

-Stuffing for each pet

-Adoption certificates for each pet

-Stuffing sticks and wishing stars for each pet

A no mess and fun party activity and take home for after the party is done as well.

6. Collars for your Par-T-Pet

Pipe cleaners and beads make easy Par-T-Pet collars that the kids can decorate and adorn their pet in after!

Let us know down in the comments your favourite budget friendly kids craft and activity ideas!

8 Kids Party Activity Ideas for Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

We compiled a list of our favourite 8 party activity ideas for your unicorn birthday party!

1. Magic Crystal Hunt:

  1. Buy glass decorator rocks from dollar store. 
  2. Hide around an area
  3. kids hunt for crystals
  4. Keep the crystals they find

2. Unicorn Piñata:

Fill with candy and mylar shred for glittery fallout when broken.



3. Glitterball AKA. Pass the Parcel:

 1. Wrap suckers in saran wrap layer until forms a ball. 

2. Kids sit in a circle rolling dice. 

3. When they roll doubles they get to take glitterball and start peeling layers and keep any candy they uncover. 

3. Other kids keep rolling dice to take ball away when they get doubles. 

 PS. For older kids use mittens to slow unwrapping


4. Ring the Horn:

Try to ring traffic cone with hula hoops. By throwing the hula hoops to try and have them land on a cone. Can be painted and decorated in fun unicorn colours!


5. Don’t ring the bells:

  1. Tie bells onto a hula hoop with ribbon. 
  2. Suspend hula hoop between two chairs using string or bungee cords so it is about a foot off the ground. 
  3. Kids must try to get through hoop without ringing bells.


6. Unicorn Slime:

Follow this great recipe.


7. Decorate your own Horn:

Use pointed ice cream cones and decorate with icing/sprinkles/candies to make unicorn horns!


8. Unicorn Par-T-Pets

A super fun activity for kids, 8” pets to adopt and stuff with a zip and velcro closure so there is no sewing required!


Check out this video on how to make a super cute DIY unicorn party invitation.


8 Kids Party Activity Ideas for Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

We compiled a list of our favourite 8 party activity ideas for your unicorn birthday party!

1. Magic Crystal Hunt:

  1. Buy glass decoration rocks from dollar store. 
  2. Hide around an specific area
  3. Kids hunt for crystals
  4. Keep the crystals they find

Piñata from Etsy store Elpinatasumy

2. Unicorn Piñata:

Fill with candy and mylar shred for glittery fallout when the Piñata is broken.

3. Glitterball AKA. Pass the Parcel:

 1. Wrap suckers in saran wrap layer until forms a ball. 

2. Kids sit in a circle rolling dice. 

3. When they roll doubles they get to take glitterball and start peeling layers and keep any candy they uncover. 

3. Other kids keep rolling dice to take ball away when they get doubles. 

 PS. For older kids use mittens to slow unwrapping

Picture from Pinterest

4. Ring the Horn:

Try to ring traffic cone with hula hoops. By throwing the hula hoops to try and have them land on a cone. Can be painted and decorated in fun unicorn colours!

5. Don’t ring the bells:

  1. Tie bells onto a hula hoop with ribbon. 
  2. Suspend hula hoop between two chairs using string or bungee cords so it is about a foot off the ground. 
  3. Kids must try to get through hoop without ringing bells.



Picture from blog My Frugal Adventures 

6. Unicorn Slime:

Follow this great recipe.

Image from Darling Darlene blog

7. Decorate your own Horn:

Use pointed ice cream cones and decorate with icing/sprinkles/candies to make unicorn horns!

8. Unicorn Par-T-Pets

A super fun activity for kids, 8” pets to adopt and stuff with a zip and velcro closure so there is no sewing required!


Check out this video on how to make a super cute DIY unicorn party invitation.


Perfect Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas to Make Any Event Extra Special!

kids birthday party themes

Your kids birthday party themes can make or break the day!

Once you decide on a birthday party theme, everything else falls into place, but coming up with great kids birthday party themes is tough!  That’s why we have put together this post packed with some classic and trendy party themes to make the any birthday party a success, – no matter who is on the guest list!

kids birthday party themes

                                       Spider Boy!

The Superhero birthday party

Superhero parties are not just for boys.  Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Widow, and Batgirl are just a few of the many female superheroes in the world of comic books and movies.  While a “Hulk” birthday party might be perfect for the boys, a general Superheroes kids birthday party theme includes everyone and you have hundreds of options for superhero-related activities, food, and decorations.  Here’s just a quick sample:

  • Have guests come dressed as their favorite superhero.
  • Food: An “Avengers” or “Justice League” cake. Nutritious “superfoods” like blueberries, yogurt parfaits, or trail mix are great, healthy alternatives to typical party junk food. Pizza and “bat” wings are a superhero staple.
  • Decorate the house with banners and posters with different superhero logos. Red, white, and blue is a great superhero color scheme to stick with.
  • Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, pin the star on Captain America’s Shield or pin the spider on the middle of the web.
  • Instead of passing around a “hot potato,” pass around kryptonite!
  • Have an adult dress as a supervillain, and have kids pelt the villain with water balloons.
  • Have kids make up their own superhero, and then design a cape they can wear. Give them different colored capes (which you  can grab in bulk at party stores) and that can be their main party favor.
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Magic Show Party Theme

Who doesn’t love a good magic show???  But fear not! You don’t have to hire David Copperfield to make a magic show party theme work.  With a bit of practice, the birthday boy or girl can either put on a short magic show or teach his or her guests a few tricks.  OR, have kids practice various tricks and put on a performance when their parents come to pick them up.  (Include this on the birthday invitation so that the parents are prepared.)

Some other quick magic ideas:

  • As children arrive to the party, have them decorate their magic wands at a table. Wands are easily made with long wooden dowels from the hardware store. Paint the wands black with a white tip beforehand, and have kids decorate with stickers and glitter.
  • Decorate in black, white, and deep purples and reds. Provide kids with a black top hat, or have them make their own out of heavy, black paper. Don’t forget let them stuff their own animal to magically appear in the hat! Our unicorns are a perfectly magical choice.
  • Magical games? Have kids guess the flavors of “magic” jelly beans.  The team who gets the most correct, wins.
  • A deck of playing cards, coins, and easy magic tricks from your local party supply store make great party favors.
  • A “Potion” table, where guests can concocts their own edible potions, is a great idea for snack. Root beer or cream soda floats fizz in a magical way.

kids birthday party themes

Try a Sports kids birthday party theme

Sports-themed parties work best when you can hold your party outside or in a facility with a large gym space.  Pick three or four sports to focus on, and go from there.  If it happens to be an Olympic year, go ahead and make that your theme.  Decorate with Olympic rings and focus on either winter or summer sports.  Some other sporty ideas for you:

Shoot hoops, play a game of kickball, judge kids as their perform their best gymnastic feats, or hold gool ole’ fashioned relay races. If you are rained out, Wii Sports makes a great substitute, or you could have foosball or air hockey tournaments.

Party food and treats can be sporty too!

  • Make cupcakes and decorate them as basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls, etc.
  • Pass out medals as prizes.
  • Bottled waters, Superbowl ring pops, mini footballs or baseball, Baby Ruths, and Cracker Jacks make great party favors.

kids birthday party themes


Circus/ Carnival Themed Party

Ah the smells, sounds, and tastes of a circus or carnival can really make it an event to remember.

But how can you plan kids birthday party themes around a circus or carnival? Here’s are some quick bullets to get you started:

  • Barnum Bailey Animal Crackers, Cracker Jacks, caramel apples, peanuts, and popcorn make great snacks.
  • Set up various carnival stations: a bottle ring toss, bean bag toss, balloon dart game, basketball hoop toss, water gun game (shoot down objects placed on table), and a guessing booth (fill jar with candy and have kids guess amounts) are just a few of the many activities you can plan. Kids can earn tickets when they win, and then trade in those tickets at the prize booth. (The prizes can serve as party favors too!)
  • Every circus/ carnival needs animals, and our new, soft, super-plush stuffable Par-T bear would love to be a circus bear! Stuff him get some small tutus to dress the girl bears, or a tiny cape for the boy bears. (Easily made with elastic and fabric!)
  • Every circus needs a great performance. Designate acrobats, clowns, animal trainers, and circus animals. Now have the kids put on their very own circus!

kids birthday party themes

Lego-Themed Party

Let’s be honest, girls and boys alike think everything Lego is awesome.  A colorful Lego party with an emphasis on teamwork means party guests will have a blast! Kids birthday party themes around Lego can be great, so here’s some ideas to get started with:

  • Decorate with yellow balloons. On each balloon, draw a Lego face with a black marker.
  • As guests are arriving, have a big bin of Legos available at a table so new arrivals can create away. Have a jar filled with Legos; whoever comes closest to guessing the amount wins a prize (like the guess how many game).
  • You have to have a game of freeze dance to the “Everything is Awesome” theme song. You just have to!
  • Other games include: Lego charades (children have to guess what is being built out of Legos), Tallest Tower (whoever can build the tallest Lego tower wins), and Find the Kragle. Hide the Kragle and play hot and cold, or have kids go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Food? Tacos, naturally, and I think pretty much anyone can bake a birthday cake in the shape of a Lego brick.

The great thing about this is ALL these themes are gender inclusive, so are perfect for boys and girls and can be adjusted to fit various age groups.

Armed with these kids birthday party themes, you are guaranteed to put on a hit party that kids will love!

Kids Birthday Party Supplies – A Quick and Easy List to Organize an Amazing Kids Birthday Party, Every Time!

Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Whether you’re throwing a huge kids birthday party complete with petting zoo and acrobats, or a low-key gathering with traditional games and a homemade cake – you will need the to stock up on those party supplies!

That’s why we put together this quick and easy list of kids birthday party supplies that will help you organize an amazing party !

Your must-have Kids Birthday Party Supplies

First things first: before you start shopping, decide on a party theme. Actually, go ahead and let your child decide. Does she want a princess party? Does he want an Iron Man birthday bash? Once you know the theme, you can narrow down a great color scheme and know exactly which decorations you have to buy or make.

So, once you have your theme, it’s time to make a killer invitation!


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

You have plenty of invitation options. Most people run to the local party store and purchase a bundle of premade birthday invitations in the theme of their choice. This is a great solution, but if you want to get creative with your kids birthday supplies, then here are some fun alternatives:

Homemade invitations

Before you dismiss this idea completely, hear us out. Homemade doesn’t necessarily mean hauling out construction paper, glue sticks, and glitter. Homemade can mean having your child draw a picture, scanning the picture, and then printing it out with the party information as an invitation. Have your child draw something that ties into the theme. (Or haul out the construction paper and put your kid to work!)

Printable Invitations

There is a lot of software that can help with this and some of it is free to download it off of the web. Most picture sites (like Shutterfly or Snapfish) let you to create your own kid’s birthday invitations from your personal photos. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can design your own. Print at home or at a print shop. Some sites, like Hallmark, will gather your addresses and mail the invitations for you. For a hefty fee, of course.

The E-Invitation

If you have the e-mail addresses of the parents of your child’s friends, the e-invitation is a great way to follow up with non-responders. You can also include fun music or visual graphics too. Using a site like Evite, you can easilly whip up a professional looking birthday E-vite that parent and kids will love.


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Balloons, banners, and all the other birthday décor – the classics of kids birthday supplies! Now, we parents know that every party needs balloons! Balloons are the quintessential kids birthday party decoration! Tie them to chairs, include them in games, hide loot in them, put them onto the mailbox. It’s not a birthday party without balloons (oh, and if you need some party ideas, don’t miss our article on How to plan an amazing kids party).

Here are some other decorations that will make your party look fantastic:

Streamers: A wall of streamers in each entryway is a lot of fun. Streamers draped across the ceiling look especially festive.

Tablecloth: Not only is it decorative, but it makes cleaning off the table a breeze.  If you’re brave, decorate it with confetti.

Banners: Buy them at the store or get a long roll of paper and make your own beforehand. Better yet, have your young guests work on the banner collaboratively when they first arrive at the party. Hang it behind the table, down the staircase, or anywhere else it might fit!

Other fun kids birthday party supplies

Pictures of your child growing up, glass jars full of colorful candy, a large number (your child’s age) made out of tissue paper, glow-in-the-dark decal for parties that take place at night, seasonal decorations (snowflakes, rainbows, clouds, etc.), and some more balloons!

Craft/ Hands-on Activity

Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Give them something besides candy and plastic bracelets to bring home! A craft keeps kids busy and makes for a special party souvenir. Some popular birthday party destinations (think Build-a-Bear) center their party around the craft! If you child is gung-ho about doing something similar, pet stuffing kits are an affordable and, quite frankly, adorable idea. We now sell 10-pack Par-T-Pets and kids and parents go wild for them.

Other crafts/ hands-on activities can be chosen and purchased in bulk from companies like Oriental Trading Company. Some ideas: Tye-dye a t-shirt, decorate t-shirts with puffy paint, make necklaces or bracelets with beads, decorate flip-flops, make slime or play-dough, or create a homemade snow globe.

Party Favors

Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Party favors, or loot bags, are almost always expected!

Popular items to include: party hats, candy, bouncy balls, bracelets, stickers, pencils, party blowers, and bubbles.

Distributing the loot bags can be done in a number of ways: 1) Shove them into the hands of each child as they leave the party. 2) Hide them around the house and make the kids find their own loot. 3) Hide small items in the balloons you have up for decoration, and have kids pop them at the end of the party and take the loot home. 4) Give them one higher quality item: a book or a poster works.

Kids love loot bags and you can really make a creative mini event out of them.


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Decide what games you will be playing, and gather up appropriate props. Most props you will already have at home: chairs for musical chairs, items for relay races, music for freeze tag. But think of supplies you might need to purchase for other types of games, like a pin-the-tail on the donkey game or a piñata.


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

To feed them a meal or not to feed them a meal? If you opt for a meal-free party, let the parents know on the invitation, and don’t hold the party during traditional meal times! But whatever you do, make sure you do serve snacks, drinks, and cake.

Food-related items is its own category in the world of kids birthday party supplies. Paper plates or lots of dishwashing? Cake and ice cream or cupcakes and sherbet? Plain napkins or the ones with the superheroes on them? Milk or punch? Juice boxes or a pitcher of lemonade? You will definitely need: cups, plates, bowls, napkins, silverware or plastic-ware, serving spoons, a serving knife, ample snacks and drinks, cake, and, if you choose, a kid-friendly meal.

These are the kids birthday party supply staples that you will need to make any party a hit. Mark these items and ideas off your list, and you’ve got all you need for a fantastic birthday party!

The 5 Keys to an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party

Are you ready to plan an amazing kids birthday party?

It may sounds silly, but do you know what the best way to make sure your kids birthday party is a success is to simply have fun! An enthusiastic host combined with a strategic plan will make sure your child’s party is one to remember. Kids party ideas are easy to come by – but putting them together takes a little more effort and creativity. So to help you plan an amazing kids birthday party, here are the five keys to an unforgettable party.

1. Have a theme

Kids Birthday Party

It’s birthday time!

Picking the theme is the first thing to do when you start planning a kids birthday party at home.  The theme will help you pull together all other aspects of the party.

Let your child to pick the theme,  give him or her three or four options based on what he/she likes, and see what the favourite is!

The theme will guide your color choices, goodie bag choices, game choices and more.  If your child is inviting both girls and boys to the party, encourage him or her to choose something that everyone will love  (a Barbie-themed party might put off the boys for example).

Broader themes allow for more flexibility and are a valuable tool for any party planner.  Instead of choosing a Batman-themed party, for instance, go for a superhero-themed party.  Suddenly, you have a lot more options and room for creativity for a kids birthday party in the form of superhero games, decorations, craft ideas, and snacks.

2. Keep them busy

Kids Birthday Party

Have a plan for those kids from the minute they walk in the door until they leave!  Keeping them busy is the best way to make sure they behave, remain engaged, and have a good time.  While waiting for everyone to show up, have first-comers decorate a mural for the guest of honor, do a craft around the table, play a “how many M@Ms” guessing game, or join the dance party in the living room. (For more great party game ideas, don’t miss out 6 must-try birthday party games).

Games are an important part of any kids’ birthday party – so many parents are shocked when a game they thought would take at least twenty minutes ends in three!  Suddenly, they are faced with a big block of time and have nothing to do, so always plan more rather than less.

Kids love old-fashioned games like freeze dance, Red Rover, and relay races.  Have a list of these on hand at the birthday party so you don’t go blank when your treasure hunt ends abruptly because your hiding spot wasn’t so great.  Offer small prizes to the winners to make sure everyone is motivated!

3. Give them food

Kids Birthday Party

Cupcake wars!

Rather than spending  money on a speciality cake or stressing out about making your own perfectly decorated one, here’s a fun kids party idea you can easily do at home: Cupcake Wars, Kids Birthday Edition!  Have the kids wash their hands, sit around a table, and decorate their own yummy cupcakes.

Give them a plain cupcake, frosting, sprinkles, candy, and anything else you can think of to make truly festive and unique cupcakes!  Give each cupcake a prize, including one for prettiest, most unique, best use of sprinkles, most creative, etc.  Then go ahead and eat them!

4. Add the element of surprise

Kids Birthday Party


You don’t have to host a mystery party to add little intrigue!  The surprise factor can turn an otherwise ordinary birthday party into something really memorable.  Here are some “intriguing” kids’ birthday party ideas that add a little something special to any kids birthday party.

  • Organize an ongoing scavenger hunt. Give out clues or riddles throughout the party. Perhaps each child can find their own goodie bag.
  • Give each child a clothespin. Tell them a that common word is off limits for the day, and if they get caught saying the word, they have to hand over their clothespin to the person who heard them. Make the word something birthday-related, like balloon or cake. At the end of the party, the child with the most clothespins wins a prize.
  • Get the kids ready for a surprise guest, using opportunities throughout the party to create a buzz about who might be showing up. Read them texts you have received from the guest, or give kids clues so they can guess who the surprise guest is. Have the surprise guest lead the kids in a final activity, and hand out goodies.

5. Give them something to take home.

Kids Birthday Party

Try out a Par-T-Pet

Memories last longer when kids have a special souvenir from your child’s birthday party.  Our Par-T-Pets keep kids busy (the most important part of any kids party!) and give them an personal keepsake they created to bring home.  They can even be given instead of goodie bags (and parents will be happier because our plush pets won’t ruin their children’s teeth!).

Implement these five tips next time you are planning a kids birthday and everyone will have fun- even you!  Two or three hours will pass by in no time, and your party will be the talk of the school!

Simple, easy and delicious kids party menu ideas for creative moms

kids party food ideas, kids party snacks, kids party menu ideas

delicious, mini pizza


When it’s time to plan your party, don’t miss out on these 5 kids party menu ideas!

Sure, you could always hire a caterer, but why splash out when you can go DIY!  The good news is: creating a delicious kids party menu for  your small party guests will love doesn’t have to time-consuming or expensive.  In fact, providing your own, homemade meal can actually be cheaper than ordering a sheet pizza with wings.

The key is to keep the meal simple, kid-friendly, and to always have peanut butter and jelly on hand for the one child who will eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly.

So, here are some fast and easy kids’ party menu ideas that will make your party a hit.

Call Upon the Power of Your Slow Cooker!

kids party food ideas, kids party snacks, kids party menu ideas

slow cooker

Looking for flexibility?  Your slow cooker is the way to go.  You can prepare the party menu the day before (or days in advance, even freezing it if you want to), and then plop it into the slow cooker the morning of the party.

Slow-cooker kids party menus are ready when you’re ready.  If you planned to have lunch at 12:30 but the scavenger hunt took longer than expected, your food will be waiting for you, nice and warm at 1:15.

Some kid-friendly slow-cooker party menu ideas include: sloppy joes, chili, macaroni and cheese, pulled pork or chicken, and baby back ribs.  Here is the world’s most simple yet delicious party slow-cooker recipe:


Package(s) of sandwich buns.

Cut of pork shoulder or pork butt

A large jar of your favorite barbecue sauce.


Place pork in slow cooker.  Pour barbecue sauce on top.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours on slow, or 4-6 hours on high, until the fat in the pork breaks down enough that the pork can be shredded.  Serve pulled pork on sandwich buns.  Great sides include: coleslaw, applesauce, or potato salad – delicious!

Have the Kids Make their Own party snack or Meal!

kids party food ideas, kids party snacks, kids party menu ideas

Young master chef

Make your child’s birthday party menu ideas a group activity!  Kids will love making their own pizzas, kebabs, or tacos.

You will need a large work station and enough ingredients for everyone.  Have kids wash their hands, push up their sleeves, and get busy creating their own delicious meals and pary snacks.  Here are some ideas:

DIY Pizzas

DIY pizzas are great for all the kids –  because who doesn’t like pizza? There are a plenty of crust options too: canned biscuit dough, English muffins, bagels, tortillas, pita bread, or divided pizza dough from the store or your favorite pizza place are all great options.

For the sauce, let the kids scoop their desired amount using small gravy ladle or a spoon and make sure you provide a variety of toppings.

Topping ideas include: cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, pineapple, olives, onions, peppers, bacon, and sausage.  Have the kids assemble their own pizzas, and then bake several at a time in the oven.

Mix-n-Match Kebabs

kids party food ideas, kids party snacks, kids party menu ideas

Delicious shish kebabs that kids love!

Mix-n-Match Kebabs are a great barbecue kids meal idea, but the recipe will also work in the oven.  This particualr kids party menu idea takes a little extra prep work simply because you don’t want the little guys handling raw meat, so cook the beef, chicken, and tenderloin beforehand  (plus ou will save cooking time when it comes time to eat!).

Give the kids skewers and a different ingredients so that they can mix-and-match their own shish kebabs.

Ideas include: 2-inch pieces of chuck roast, pork tenderloin, and chicken; cut up pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, apricots, and peaches; bacon, onion, potato chunks, red and green peppers, zucchini slices, and bacon. For the aduls, go ahead and splurge on some shrimp!).

Have the kids skewer their ingredients, throw them on the grill or in the oven for a few minutes, and voila!  Shish kebab party snacks for everyone!


kids party food ideas, kids party snacks, kids party menu ideas

Perfect for any party


If you’re having a Lego Movie party, Taco Tuesday on a Thursday (or whatever day the week it is) – Tacos are a must.  And hey, they’re easy to make too.

Brown some ground beef, shred some chicken, and give kids access to: soft and hard taco shells, meat, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, olives, onions, and anything else Lord Business would put on a taco.  Cook up a big pot of Spanish rice, and you have yourself a simple, delicious party menu idea that kids will go crazy for!

Have a Spaghetti Bar

kids party food ideas, kids party snacks, kids party menu ideas

Spaghetti, meatballs, sauce, and some Parmesan cheese.  Line up the ingredients, line up the kids, and you have a cheap and hearty kids party food idea.

We’re talking about $1.50 per kid.  Make it extra simple and buy frozen meatballs at the supermarket.  Serve with crusty bread on a checkered tablecloth, and you’ve got yourself the cheapest but fanciest  party menu idea in town.  (Let kids slurp the noodles- it’s a party!)

So there you have it, these are easy and delicious kids party food ideas will please both the sophisticated and simple taste palette alike.  And hey, if one of your little guests balk, you always have the peanut butter and jelly as a back up.

Let us know some of your go-to kids party food ideas in the comments bellow.

Photo credits:  Pizza by Mitchell; Slow Cooker by Janine; Apron by Cathy; Shish Kebabs by Remember Everyday; Taco by The 10 Cent Designer; Spaghetti by Jen

6 Must-Try Birthday Party Games

birthday party games

Birthday Party!

So, your child’s entire class is coming to your house for a birthday party, and you want them to have a good time.  Nay, a great time!  You have your birthday party theme, a cake design, and you’ve sent out the invitations.  Now it’s time to plan how you’re going to keep these kids happily occupied.

Well, you’re in luck! These 5 must-try birthday party games have not only withstood the test of time, but they do not require expensive props and can be done in nearly any location (though you may have to move some furniture out of the way for a couple.)  They can also be customized according to your birthday party theme!

So, if you’re ready, here are 6 must-try party games that will take you right from the beginning to the end of any kid’s birthday party with success!

Game 1: Guess How Many?birthday party games

During the first few minutes of the party, kids will wander into your home and you’ll want to give them something to do right away (otherwise they might wander off and start dumping toys out in the living room!)  We have a great classic to start the party and it’s called “Guess How Many”. This game has kept both kids and adults entertained for years.  Here’s what you will need:

  • A large clear container
  • Objects to place into the container
  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pencils
  • A container to place guesses

Common objects to place into the clear container include jelly beans, M&Ms, buttons, Lego bricks, tootsie-rolls, bouncy balls, and crayons.  You can tie the container into the theme of your party.

Throwing a Spiderman-themed party?  A jar of blue and red M&Ms would do the trick.  White and blue-colored mints would work for a Frozen-themed party, while gummy worms would be great for a “Gross-Out” theme.  Having a circus party?  How about a jar of peanuts?  This game offers plenty of imaginative possibilities to keep the kids entertained and happy.

Here’s how it works

Each child is directed to the container and asked how many objects he or she thinks it holds.  Have them write their names and guesses on a slip of paper, and then place them into an envelope or jar. Whoever guesses closest to the actual amount wins.

The winner gets announced at the end of the party and that lucky kid gets to take home the container!

The only downside: you’ll need to know how many objects are in the container – which means counting them out beforehand.

Game 2: Monkey Races

birthday party games

Who doesn’t love the chance to act like a monkey once in a while? Monkey relay races are a great time, and can be held indoors or outdoors.  Monkey games go perfectly with parties that feature our adorable monkey Par-T-Pet!

Divide the kids into two teams, and mark a starting point and a turn-around point.  (Mark with cones or colored tape.) Whichever team finishes first, wins.  Have several different relay games and you’ve got yourself a tournament.

Here are some monkey race ideas:

Walk like an ape:  Have each child race to the turn-around point on all fours, walking as fast as they can like an ape would walk.  The last child should complete the race by banging on his or her chest like Tarzan.  (Optional!)

Carry the banana:  Have the children run the race with a banana either between their knees or between their neck and chin.

Peel the banana:  Have each team member run to the turn-around point, stop and peel a banana, and then rum back to the starting line.  There’s one stipulation: each child must peel the banana with their feet!

Parents, you’re going to have to buy a lot of bananas for this party!  (Another option for those who would rather leave the bananas out of it: have the children stop at the turn-around and place a plastic banana into a bowl with their feet, then run back to the starting point.

 Game 3: Steal the Banana:

birthday party games

Steal the banana!

Since you probably have leftover bananas, this iteration of “Steal the Bacon” is sure to be a hit.

Divide the children into two even teams.  (If you have an odd number of children, have an adult join in the fun!)

Each team should line up facing one another, and each child given a number.  Place the banana between the two lines.  Call out a number, and the two children assigned to that number run to the banana and try to “steal” it before their opposing teammate does.  The team that “steals” the most bananas… wins!  The game should get harder as it goes on, as the banana will get increasingly mushy!

Remember, this is a game that can be customized any way you would like.  If the idea of a squishy banana on your carpet doesn’t appeal to you, you can use a towel, a stuffed animal, or some other theme-related object.

Game 4: Charades

birthday party games

Charades Party Game

C’mon, who doesn’t love Charades!?  The trick is to have a party-themed version of Charades planned out beforehand.

Children can act like characters from a popular movie or book, act like animals, or act out ordinary scenes like driving a car or going fishing.

Place ideas in a container and have each child take turns acting out the charade in front of their teammates and time each turn.

The team who guesses what the charade is the fastest wins that round.

Game 5: Freeze Dance

birthday party games

Freeze dance

First up, you’ll need to hone your inner DJ and choose some music that best matches the birthday party theme.  Once you have some good tracks picked, that’s when the fun starts!

Have the kids dance to the music and explain that, when the music stops, they have to freeze immediately.  The last one to freeze is out and the last kid standing wins the prize!  Have the kids take turns controlling the music to make it extra fun for them.

Game 6: Balloon Pop Surprise

birthday party games

Party Balloons

Every good kids’ birthday party has goodie-bags, but there’s no rule that says you can’t make those kids work for them! (And don’t forget, Par-t-Pets can also make fantastic and memorable goodie-bag!).

Move over piñatas, the Balloon Pop Surprise game is louder, faster, and more fun!  Not only do kids love the chance to pop balloons, this game also serves as a great way to decorate for the party.  You will need:

  • Lots of balloons
  • Small pieces of candy or items you would normally place in a goodie bag
  • Tooth picks

Place candy or small items (erasers, glow sticks, stickers, etc.) inside the balloons.  Blow up the balloons and dot them around one or two rooms.  Tell the kids that there are treats inside the balloons, but they have to pop them in order to take the treats home.

Hand them a toothpick and a goodie-bag, say ready-set-go, and let them at it!

After all of the balloons have been popped, have the kids pick up the remains and throw them away.  Voila!  Removing the party decorations is partly done.  The kids are tired out, have their goodie-bags, and are ready to go home.  After you’ve announced the winner of the “Guess How Many” game, of course.

These are simple, but classic birthday games that can be tweaked to perfectly fit your party theme.

Implement these ideas, and your child’s birthday party will be the talk of the school for a long time to come!