Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order?
Par-T-Pets have no minimum order. For orders fewer than 4 please use the contact us section to arrange additional shipping discounts.

Where do you ship?
Par-T-Pets can be shipped anywhere. For areas outside of North America please use the contact us section for enquiries.

How easy is it to run a party?
Par-T-Pets are great for all ages and are simple to stuff. For details on how to run the party and what comes with your Pet please click on the instruction section of our site.

How do you stuff a Pet?
Par-T-Pets have an inner zipper with an outer Velcro strip making it simple and safe to stuff.

What comes with my order?
Par-T-Pets come with; a stuffing stick, wishing star, downloadable adoption certificate, downloaded invitations, ideas and directions on running a successful party.

Does my order come with stuffing?
Stuffing is very inexpensive to purchase but expensive to ship. For this reason we do not include stuffing unless you order separately on the site. Stuffing is sold at all fabric and craft stores for pennies/pet. Please contact us if you require any assistance locating a supplier.