Par-T-Pet Adoption

The following are instructions on how to complete your adoption.

  • On the back of each Par-T-Pet you will find both a Velcro seal (outer) and a zipper (inner).
  • Open the Velcro pouch and gently pull out the zipper portion and unzip.
  • Use the Zipper tube as a tunnel to insert the stuffing.
  • Stuff the arms and legs first with fingers. If needed you can use our stuffing sticks or pencil, etc. to gently stuff to desired fullness.
  • Once you begin stuffing the main body you can insert the wishing star.
  • When placing the star inside close your eyes and make a wish.
  • Complete stuffing the Pet until desired fluffiness.
  • Zip the inner zipper and gently push back in. Then seal the Velcro.
  • Name your Par-T-Pet.
  • Fill out the details of the adoption certificate.
  • Additional adoption certificates and invitations are available to download FREE HERE .

Par-T-Pet Party Ideas


  • Fill dollar store plastic dogbowls with chocolate candies- small brown M&M or maltesers,etc
  • Find a dogbone shaped cookie cutter and cut out shaped sandwiches or rice krispie squares
  • Make blue jello in clear plastic bowls as water bowls
  • Animal crackers
  • Animal face cupcakes or cakepops


  • Go go stop with pets
  • Simon says with pets


  • Thread plastic beads onto a pipecleaner to make beaded collar for pet- supplies available from any dollar store


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  • Visit us on facebook Par-T-Pets and post your pictures