Kids Birthday Party Supplies – A Quick and Easy List to Organize an Amazing Kids Birthday Party, Every Time!

Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Whether you’re throwing a huge kids birthday party complete with petting zoo and acrobats, or a low-key gathering with traditional games and a homemade cake – you will need the to stock up on those party supplies!

That’s why we put together this quick and easy list of kids birthday party supplies that will help you organize an amazing party !

Your must-have Kids Birthday Party Supplies

First things first: before you start shopping, decide on a party theme. Actually, go ahead and let your child decide. Does she want a princess party? Does he want an Iron Man birthday bash? Once you know the theme, you can narrow down a great color scheme and know exactly which decorations you have to buy or make.

So, once you have your theme, it’s time to make a killer invitation!


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

You have plenty of invitation options. Most people run to the local party store and purchase a bundle of premade birthday invitations in the theme of their choice. This is a great solution, but if you want to get creative with your kids birthday supplies, then here are some fun alternatives:

Homemade invitations

Before you dismiss this idea completely, hear us out. Homemade doesn’t necessarily mean hauling out construction paper, glue sticks, and glitter. Homemade can mean having your child draw a picture, scanning the picture, and then printing it out with the party information as an invitation. Have your child draw something that ties into the theme. (Or haul out the construction paper and put your kid to work!)

Printable Invitations

There is a lot of software that can help with this and some of it is free to download it off of the web. Most picture sites (like Shutterfly or Snapfish) let you to create your own kid’s birthday invitations from your personal photos. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can design your own. Print at home or at a print shop. Some sites, like Hallmark, will gather your addresses and mail the invitations for you. For a hefty fee, of course.

The E-Invitation

If you have the e-mail addresses of the parents of your child’s friends, the e-invitation is a great way to follow up with non-responders. You can also include fun music or visual graphics too. Using a site like Evite, you can easilly whip up a professional looking birthday E-vite that parent and kids will love.


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Balloons, banners, and all the other birthday décor – the classics of kids birthday supplies! Now, we parents know that every party needs balloons! Balloons are the quintessential kids birthday party decoration! Tie them to chairs, include them in games, hide loot in them, put them onto the mailbox. It’s not a birthday party without balloons (oh, and if you need some party ideas, don’t miss our article on How to plan an amazing kids party).

Here are some other decorations that will make your party look fantastic:

Streamers: A wall of streamers in each entryway is a lot of fun. Streamers draped across the ceiling look especially festive.

Tablecloth: Not only is it decorative, but it makes cleaning off the table a breeze.  If you’re brave, decorate it with confetti.

Banners: Buy them at the store or get a long roll of paper and make your own beforehand. Better yet, have your young guests work on the banner collaboratively when they first arrive at the party. Hang it behind the table, down the staircase, or anywhere else it might fit!

Other fun kids birthday party supplies

Pictures of your child growing up, glass jars full of colorful candy, a large number (your child’s age) made out of tissue paper, glow-in-the-dark decal for parties that take place at night, seasonal decorations (snowflakes, rainbows, clouds, etc.), and some more balloons!

Craft/ Hands-on Activity

Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Give them something besides candy and plastic bracelets to bring home! A craft keeps kids busy and makes for a special party souvenir. Some popular birthday party destinations (think Build-a-Bear) center their party around the craft! If you child is gung-ho about doing something similar, pet stuffing kits are an affordable and, quite frankly, adorable idea. We now sell 10-pack Par-T-Pets and kids and parents go wild for them.

Other crafts/ hands-on activities can be chosen and purchased in bulk from companies like Oriental Trading Company. Some ideas: Tye-dye a t-shirt, decorate t-shirts with puffy paint, make necklaces or bracelets with beads, decorate flip-flops, make slime or play-dough, or create a homemade snow globe.

Party Favors

Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Party favors, or loot bags, are almost always expected!

Popular items to include: party hats, candy, bouncy balls, bracelets, stickers, pencils, party blowers, and bubbles.

Distributing the loot bags can be done in a number of ways: 1) Shove them into the hands of each child as they leave the party. 2) Hide them around the house and make the kids find their own loot. 3) Hide small items in the balloons you have up for decoration, and have kids pop them at the end of the party and take the loot home. 4) Give them one higher quality item: a book or a poster works.

Kids love loot bags and you can really make a creative mini event out of them.


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Decide what games you will be playing, and gather up appropriate props. Most props you will already have at home: chairs for musical chairs, items for relay races, music for freeze tag. But think of supplies you might need to purchase for other types of games, like a pin-the-tail on the donkey game or a piñata.


Kids Birthday Party Supplies

To feed them a meal or not to feed them a meal? If you opt for a meal-free party, let the parents know on the invitation, and don’t hold the party during traditional meal times! But whatever you do, make sure you do serve snacks, drinks, and cake.

Food-related items is its own category in the world of kids birthday party supplies. Paper plates or lots of dishwashing? Cake and ice cream or cupcakes and sherbet? Plain napkins or the ones with the superheroes on them? Milk or punch? Juice boxes or a pitcher of lemonade? You will definitely need: cups, plates, bowls, napkins, silverware or plastic-ware, serving spoons, a serving knife, ample snacks and drinks, cake, and, if you choose, a kid-friendly meal.

These are the kids birthday party supply staples that you will need to make any party a hit. Mark these items and ideas off your list, and you’ve got all you need for a fantastic birthday party!