Perfect Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas to Make Any Event Extra Special!

kids birthday party themes

Your kids birthday party themes can make or break the day!

Once you decide on a birthday party theme, everything else falls into place, but coming up with great kids birthday party themes is tough!  That’s why we have put together this post packed with some classic and trendy party themes to make the any birthday party a success, – no matter who is on the guest list!

kids birthday party themes

                                       Spider Boy!

The Superhero birthday party

Superhero parties are not just for boys.  Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Widow, and Batgirl are just a few of the many female superheroes in the world of comic books and movies.  While a “Hulk” birthday party might be perfect for the boys, a general Superheroes kids birthday party theme includes everyone and you have hundreds of options for superhero-related activities, food, and decorations.  Here’s just a quick sample:

  • Have guests come dressed as their favorite superhero.
  • Food: An “Avengers” or “Justice League” cake. Nutritious “superfoods” like blueberries, yogurt parfaits, or trail mix are great, healthy alternatives to typical party junk food. Pizza and “bat” wings are a superhero staple.
  • Decorate the house with banners and posters with different superhero logos. Red, white, and blue is a great superhero color scheme to stick with.
  • Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, pin the star on Captain America’s Shield or pin the spider on the middle of the web.
  • Instead of passing around a “hot potato,” pass around kryptonite!
  • Have an adult dress as a supervillain, and have kids pelt the villain with water balloons.
  • Have kids make up their own superhero, and then design a cape they can wear. Give them different colored capes (which you  can grab in bulk at party stores) and that can be their main party favor.
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Magic Show Party Theme

Who doesn’t love a good magic show???  But fear not! You don’t have to hire David Copperfield to make a magic show party theme work.  With a bit of practice, the birthday boy or girl can either put on a short magic show or teach his or her guests a few tricks.  OR, have kids practice various tricks and put on a performance when their parents come to pick them up.  (Include this on the birthday invitation so that the parents are prepared.)

Some other quick magic ideas:

  • As children arrive to the party, have them decorate their magic wands at a table. Wands are easily made with long wooden dowels from the hardware store. Paint the wands black with a white tip beforehand, and have kids decorate with stickers and glitter.
  • Decorate in black, white, and deep purples and reds. Provide kids with a black top hat, or have them make their own out of heavy, black paper. Don’t forget let them stuff their own animal to magically appear in the hat! Our unicorns are a perfectly magical choice.
  • Magical games? Have kids guess the flavors of “magic” jelly beans.  The team who gets the most correct, wins.
  • A deck of playing cards, coins, and easy magic tricks from your local party supply store make great party favors.
  • A “Potion” table, where guests can concocts their own edible potions, is a great idea for snack. Root beer or cream soda floats fizz in a magical way.

kids birthday party themes

Try a Sports kids birthday party theme

Sports-themed parties work best when you can hold your party outside or in a facility with a large gym space.  Pick three or four sports to focus on, and go from there.  If it happens to be an Olympic year, go ahead and make that your theme.  Decorate with Olympic rings and focus on either winter or summer sports.  Some other sporty ideas for you:

Shoot hoops, play a game of kickball, judge kids as their perform their best gymnastic feats, or hold gool ole’ fashioned relay races. If you are rained out, Wii Sports makes a great substitute, or you could have foosball or air hockey tournaments.

Party food and treats can be sporty too!

  • Make cupcakes and decorate them as basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls, etc.
  • Pass out medals as prizes.
  • Bottled waters, Superbowl ring pops, mini footballs or baseball, Baby Ruths, and Cracker Jacks make great party favors.

kids birthday party themes


Circus/ Carnival Themed Party

Ah the smells, sounds, and tastes of a circus or carnival can really make it an event to remember.

But how can you plan kids birthday party themes around a circus or carnival? Here’s are some quick bullets to get you started:

  • Barnum Bailey Animal Crackers, Cracker Jacks, caramel apples, peanuts, and popcorn make great snacks.
  • Set up various carnival stations: a bottle ring toss, bean bag toss, balloon dart game, basketball hoop toss, water gun game (shoot down objects placed on table), and a guessing booth (fill jar with candy and have kids guess amounts) are just a few of the many activities you can plan. Kids can earn tickets when they win, and then trade in those tickets at the prize booth. (The prizes can serve as party favors too!)
  • Every circus/ carnival needs animals, and our new, soft, super-plush stuffable Par-T bear would love to be a circus bear! Stuff him get some small tutus to dress the girl bears, or a tiny cape for the boy bears. (Easily made with elastic and fabric!)
  • Every circus needs a great performance. Designate acrobats, clowns, animal trainers, and circus animals. Now have the kids put on their very own circus!

kids birthday party themes

Lego-Themed Party

Let’s be honest, girls and boys alike think everything Lego is awesome.  A colorful Lego party with an emphasis on teamwork means party guests will have a blast! Kids birthday party themes around Lego can be great, so here’s some ideas to get started with:

  • Decorate with yellow balloons. On each balloon, draw a Lego face with a black marker.
  • As guests are arriving, have a big bin of Legos available at a table so new arrivals can create away. Have a jar filled with Legos; whoever comes closest to guessing the amount wins a prize (like the guess how many game).
  • You have to have a game of freeze dance to the “Everything is Awesome” theme song. You just have to!
  • Other games include: Lego charades (children have to guess what is being built out of Legos), Tallest Tower (whoever can build the tallest Lego tower wins), and Find the Kragle. Hide the Kragle and play hot and cold, or have kids go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Food? Tacos, naturally, and I think pretty much anyone can bake a birthday cake in the shape of a Lego brick.

The great thing about this is ALL these themes are gender inclusive, so are perfect for boys and girls and can be adjusted to fit various age groups.

Armed with these kids birthday party themes, you are guaranteed to put on a hit party that kids will love!