The 5 Keys to an Unforgettable Kids Birthday Party

Are you ready to plan an amazing kids birthday party?

It may sounds silly, but do you know what the best way to make sure your kids birthday party is a success is to simply have fun! An enthusiastic host combined with a strategic plan will make sure your child’s party is one to remember. Kids party ideas are easy to come by – but putting them together takes a little more effort and creativity. So to help you plan an amazing kids birthday party, here are the five keys to an unforgettable party.

1. Have a theme

Kids Birthday Party

It’s birthday time!

Picking the theme is the first thing to do when you start planning a kids birthday party at home.  The theme will help you pull together all other aspects of the party.

Let your child to pick the theme,  give him or her three or four options based on what he/she likes, and see what the favourite is!

The theme will guide your color choices, goodie bag choices, game choices and more.  If your child is inviting both girls and boys to the party, encourage him or her to choose something that everyone will love  (a Barbie-themed party might put off the boys for example).

Broader themes allow for more flexibility and are a valuable tool for any party planner.  Instead of choosing a Batman-themed party, for instance, go for a superhero-themed party.  Suddenly, you have a lot more options and room for creativity for a kids birthday party in the form of superhero games, decorations, craft ideas, and snacks.

2. Keep them busy

Kids Birthday Party

Have a plan for those kids from the minute they walk in the door until they leave!  Keeping them busy is the best way to make sure they behave, remain engaged, and have a good time.  While waiting for everyone to show up, have first-comers decorate a mural for the guest of honor, do a craft around the table, play a “how many M@Ms” guessing game, or join the dance party in the living room. (For more great party game ideas, don’t miss out 6 must-try birthday party games).

Games are an important part of any kids’ birthday party – so many parents are shocked when a game they thought would take at least twenty minutes ends in three!  Suddenly, they are faced with a big block of time and have nothing to do, so always plan more rather than less.

Kids love old-fashioned games like freeze dance, Red Rover, and relay races.  Have a list of these on hand at the birthday party so you don’t go blank when your treasure hunt ends abruptly because your hiding spot wasn’t so great.  Offer small prizes to the winners to make sure everyone is motivated!

3. Give them food

Kids Birthday Party

Cupcake wars!

Rather than spending  money on a speciality cake or stressing out about making your own perfectly decorated one, here’s a fun kids party idea you can easily do at home: Cupcake Wars, Kids Birthday Edition!  Have the kids wash their hands, sit around a table, and decorate their own yummy cupcakes.

Give them a plain cupcake, frosting, sprinkles, candy, and anything else you can think of to make truly festive and unique cupcakes!  Give each cupcake a prize, including one for prettiest, most unique, best use of sprinkles, most creative, etc.  Then go ahead and eat them!

4. Add the element of surprise

Kids Birthday Party


You don’t have to host a mystery party to add little intrigue!  The surprise factor can turn an otherwise ordinary birthday party into something really memorable.  Here are some “intriguing” kids’ birthday party ideas that add a little something special to any kids birthday party.

  • Organize an ongoing scavenger hunt. Give out clues or riddles throughout the party. Perhaps each child can find their own goodie bag.
  • Give each child a clothespin. Tell them a that common word is off limits for the day, and if they get caught saying the word, they have to hand over their clothespin to the person who heard them. Make the word something birthday-related, like balloon or cake. At the end of the party, the child with the most clothespins wins a prize.
  • Get the kids ready for a surprise guest, using opportunities throughout the party to create a buzz about who might be showing up. Read them texts you have received from the guest, or give kids clues so they can guess who the surprise guest is. Have the surprise guest lead the kids in a final activity, and hand out goodies.

5. Give them something to take home.

Kids Birthday Party

Try out a Par-T-Pet

Memories last longer when kids have a special souvenir from your child’s birthday party.  Our Par-T-Pets keep kids busy (the most important part of any kids party!) and give them an personal keepsake they created to bring home.  They can even be given instead of goodie bags (and parents will be happier because our plush pets won’t ruin their children’s teeth!).

Implement these five tips next time you are planning a kids birthday and everyone will have fun- even you!  Two or three hours will pass by in no time, and your party will be the talk of the school!

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