The following are testimonials submitted by just some of our satisfied users:

  • They were received with plenty of time before the event – every single one was made! The kids had so much fun!
  • The Pets arrived before I even had a chance to get back to you. 🙂 Thank you so much! I appreciate your excellent (excellent!) customer service and I especially appreciate the rush. The Pets arrived and they are soft and adorable! Our son is thrilled, and so are we.
  • I have to share with you that we had these at our staff kids party today and they were easily the most popular activity, next to seeing Santa of course!  Thank you.
  • Everything was great on Sunday and the kids loved the pets.
  • Ooh Wow! They are absolutely perfect! Thank you soo much for everything.  I will certainly recommending you to all of my friends!
  • Even the 14 year old boys that thought they were cool!!!  The parents loved them & of course the client was thrilled with them!
  • Oh my. No need to thank me.  I need to thank you. It was FANTASTIC.  the kids loved them.  We jumped around.  Rubbed them on our head. Hugged tight and maybe a few others and they absolutely loved it.  One little boy told me it was the best birthday party he has ever been to.
  • I owe that to you and your company.  Great ideas.  I handed out all your cards!!!
  • My friend  is going to be contacting you for her daughter Gracie’s birthday too.  If she hasn’t already.  Lol
  • One of the kids said “it was the best birthday party I’ve been invited to”
  • Thanks for the goodies! My child loves his Par-T-Pet.. Each night I have to kiss each one of them goodnight, “So they feel comfortable in their new home.” He’s also made them each special beds out of tissue boxes.
  • I just had the bday party! It was a  great hit! They cuddled and played with them the entire time! tys,
  • The Par-T- Pets picnic went great! We received an email thanking the team for such a successful party and that the kids and parents all had a good time. 🙂
  • The parents found it almost as fun as the kids did; one lady said it was therapeutic. The beads/string/pipe cleaners made cool little bracelets for the pets
  • LOVED having Par-T-Pets at my 11 yr old’s birthday party! I actually went online and printed the custom invitations off the website and it was ridiculously easy (1 click and already pre-formatted). When the kids saw the pets at the beginning of the party, that was all they talked about until it came time to actually do the activity. We got everyone to make a wish on the wishing star all together and then filled our the adoption certificate. I really liked the organization of it all and the kids were THRILLED to take home a new friend.  The Pets were so affordable ..I used them as an activity to keep the kids entertained and as their “take home” item, instead of cheap junk they would never use. Of course now she wants all the Pets!!